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Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

What are Semi-Permanent Brows? 

Semi-Permanent Brows is the process of implanting pigment into the skin to create long term results. Gone are the days of sharpie brow tattoos. Microblading, Combo & Powder Brow techniques have undergone a complete revolution since 2016. At CB Aesthetics we specialize in this modern, hyper-realistic style to create enhancements that mimic the natural eyebrow! 

We create a custom technique for each client based on their skin, lifestyle and desired results so all techniques are the same price so no client is penalized for having a certain skin type.


9 - 18 months* 

Implanting ink to form hair-stroke like hairs. This is perfect for those who do not do their brows, looking for a very natural look, or just need a few spots to fill in. Ideal clients: normal/dry skin with no large pores. Those with oily skin/larger pores would have strokes blur together over time. At the appointment, we look at your goal brows, what you normally do, your skin and more to decide who brow form would be best for you. 

Powder Brows

12 - 36 months* 

Implanting pigment with a device to form little dots of pigment throughout the brow to give more coverage. This can create soft filling to brows that last longer than microblading or can more so mimic the makeup look that some create.

Powder is ideal for those with brow hairs that are just looking to fill their brows in more than what they have. Ideal clients: for oily/normal/dry skin, clients who sweat 4x or more per week, or those who prefer a more makeup like look/bolder look.

Combo Brows

12 - 36 months* 

The combo brow consists of machine strokes or microblading strokes in combination with the powder to give a more natural look.

Brows Q & A

How long do semi-permanent eyebrows last?

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How long should I plan to be at my appointment?

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What should I know about long term care?


How to schedule

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If you have other questions, please contact our knowledgeable staff so we can get those answered for you. Send us a text or give us a call at 419-619-8362. We love what we do, and we hope to see you soon!

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